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An Alternative Trading System (ATS) is an SEC-regulated trading venue which serves as an alternative to trading at a public exchange. In some ATSs (also referred to as “dark pools”) buyers and sellers are matched anonymously without pre-trade display of bids and offers, and the trade is publicly reported upon execution. Industry reporting estimates total […]

FOREX CRM Systems How Can They Benefit From Trading?

Choosing the best forex CRM is a crucial decision for any forex broker looking to streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. A robust CRM should offer features like lead management, reporting and analytics, integration capabilities, and compliance tools. We have started that process for you by testing and ranking popular providers. LionDesk came out […]

ATS Trading Secondary Market Alternative Trading System

Thus, company X might issue shares for $80, believing it is the best price available on the market, while the actual fair price could be $100. Investor X cannot know this and will lose 25% of their potential cash flow. The ATS requirements in the legal context are pretty lacklustre and devoid of most safeguards […]